Jobs for All – Created by Rebuilding America

We should commit ourselves to providing a high quality job (with good wages and benefits) for everyone willing and able to work. This cannot be achieved through tax cuts for the rich. We support a large national investment program to put millions of Americans to work rebuilding America, creating useful employment for young people and for the millions of workers made unemployed by the deindustrialization of America.

The rebuilding and modernization of our basic infrastructure — from roads to rail to water and energy systems —will stimulate robust growth and it will make our economy more productive. This initiative should be linked to public service jobs — in everything from national service to cleaning up parks and cities. As a first step, the next administration should guarantee that every young person graduating from school can get a decent job.

  • “The results of the Civis polling were nothing short of stunning, showing large net support for a job guarantee: 52 percent in support, 29 percent opposed, and the rest don’t know.”
  • The job-guarantee polls strongly across all racial groups, but through the roof among black voters (net support of 62 percent) and Latinos (55 percent)…The idea enjoys overwhelming support across state lines and has comparable backing among rural and urban voters.”
  • The job guarantee also transcends divisions from the 2016 Democratic presidential primary: Net support among Clinton voters was 54 percent, and 61 percent among Sanders voters

  • The job guarantee polls stunningly well in all 50 states. Even in the state with the lowest modeled support, Utah, support is still 57 percent. Deep-red states like West Virginia (62 percent support), Indiana (61 percent), and Kansas (67 percent) all boast strong support for a job guarantee. Indeed, the places where the job guarantee is most popular might be surprising: DC (84 percent), Mississippi (72 percent), North Carolina (72percent), Hawaii (72 percent), and Georgia (71 percent) have the highest
    estimates, though support is also highin solid-blue states like California and New York (both 71percent).

  • 75% of Americans support spending more federal money to improve infrastructure according to Gallup, 71% according toEconomist/YouGov poll, and 84% according to a Harvard-Harris poll.
  • 87% of Americans believe that building, repairing, and modernizing America’s infrastructure (including bridges, railways, airports, water and sewer systems, telecommunications networks, and energy transmission networks) is an absolute critical priority or very important. (Hart Research)
  • 94% of Americans—including 92% of Trump voters—believe we can build and modernize America’s infrastructure, while also maintaining environmental protections for air, water, wildlife, and natural places. (Hart Research)
  • 80% of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia voters believe investment in infrastructure would have a positive impact on the economy (National Association of Manufacturers).